Lincoln Motor Company, a division of Ford Motor Company, is all set to make a foray into non-traditional vehicle ownership. The company is about to launch a pilot month to month subscription based services that would be made available in some of the cities of California.

Ownership of a Vehicle Comes with the Option of Changing Vehicular Model

Lincoln Motor is trying to tap more and more customers in a bid to stand out as the only luxury make of Ford’s. The automaker has got rid of Volvo, Jaguar, and Land Rover during sales downturn and recession.

The fee for the month to month subscription is going to cover roadside assistance, insurance, vehicle delivery and pickup, and maintenance. Furthermore, customers will also have the option of changing the model of the vehicle according to their choice every month. However, charges will vary according to the model.

Subscription-based vehicle services are not new, a number of other companies have already launched such services. Book by Cadillac – again a pilot subscription based services launched this year by Cadillac Motor Car Division. Cadillac’s services were offered in Los Angeles and Dallas. German automaker, Porsche has also come up with a similar initiative, namely Porsche Passport. A number of other dealers, auto lenders, and startups are also offering similar services in a bid to lure more customers.

Ford had already come up with a canvas subscription service back in May this year. Last year Lincoln Motor launched pickup and delivery service on all of its models while servicing. It was a first of its kind service in the industry. Lincoln Motor launched another pilot program called Lincoln Chauffeur program in San Diego and Miami. It allows customers to use a smartphone app and book a personal chauffer who will not drive their own cars but will also do other things like getting groceries or gasoline, and so on.