NASA is Backing Research on New AI Technology Led by Ph.D. Student


Military veterans and a dual doctorate candidate are working on NASA funding. The work is with respect to the use of artificial intelligence for missions to Mars and the moon. Whiteboards full of complex equations and microchips are now common in Warrant Technologies’ Thinker Labs. This lab is in downtown Bloomington, in Fountain Square.

This creative space is now home to Derek Whitley, a Ph.D. candidate in the fifth year at Indiana University. Whitely is aiming for dual doctorate degrees in complex systems. He is studying at the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. Moreover, he is also learning cognitive science in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. To cap all of this, he is working at the post of senior engineer at Warrant Technologies. And he is also a chief investigator on funding from NASA.

The funding from NASA is to fuel the research on artificial intelligence for missions to Mars and the moon in the near future. Furthermore, this grant to Warrant Technologies is a part of NASA’s program of Small Business Innovation Research. And Warrant Technologies is among the 100 first-time winners of such a funding program by NASA.

Phase I of Research Has Begun

The phase I of the grant will see Whitley concentrating on developing artificial intelligence techniques that are independent of conventional computers. Furthermore, it will involve developing algorithms for artificial intelligence that are able to evolve as per the requirement of the technology. For the grant, Whitely put forth an electronic device that has a minimal spatial footprint. Moreover, the device also consumes an extremely less amount of power. Whitely is trying to use AI to develop a special circuit that will be able to run on multiple types of AI. Moreover, NASA is backing the on-going research and development activities as they are looking to enhance the capacities required to safely land astronauts on the moon.

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