New Artificial Intelligence-Platform to Enable Development of On-premise AI Solutions

New Artificial Intelligence-Platform to Enable Development of On-premise AI Solutions

Advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to development of machines and systems that supersede human brains. It has opened new doors for data management and analysis with the help of precise statistical data. Researchers are now working on diversifying the applications of AI. The healthcare industry serves as major platform for the adoption and development of AI. However, collecting and analyzing extensive amount of patient data is a challenge for the AI developers. In order to overcome these issues, the American College of Radiology (ACR) developed a free AI software development platform. This new platform called the AI-LAB allows radiologists to develop AI algorithms in their own facilities.

New AI Platform Spurs Future Machine Learning Initiatives

AI-LAB is a major landmark in radiology as it enables radiologists to share algorithms engineered using their own data. Further, it helps them learn more about AI and aids in development of new AI models. The adoption of AI in healthcare industries has boosted numerous other developments pertaining to machine learning. For instance, Cleveland Clinic Enterprise Analytics created Center for Clinical Artificial Intelligence, a platform that advancements in AI applications. Additionally, Mount Sinai, a health system in New York is offering resources for digital engineering and machine learning. Interactive virtual reality (VR) is yet another development aided by AI. It has significantly enhanced interventional radiology. . Moreover, it helps in gaining a better understanding of vascular anatomy.

Researchers said that the newly developed AI platform will enhance the AI development lifecycle and support future FDA initiatives. The use of real world data will support the algorithm enhancement, thereby expanding the AI market. Along with this, it will unlock large data stores for further development of AI-based solutions.

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