Last week the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the very first contact lenses which even act like sunglasses. Made from a special additive which darkens the lenses automatically on being exposed to bright light, this contact lenses becomes clear again in normal or dark lighting conditions. This contact lens is the first-of-its-kind to implement the technology which is used in eyeglasses which automatically darkens in the Sun.

Created by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc, these contact lenses with transitions light intelligent technology are daily wear soft contact lenses which can be used for a maximum of two weeks by people who are farsighted as well as near-sighted but have no eye disease. These contact lenses can also be used by people with certain degrees of astigmatism. With an increasing number of people being farsighted or near-sighted, these lenses will be of much use.

After evaluating 24 people’s driving performance both at daytime and night-time after wearing the contact lenses, the FDA passed its approval as it could not find any reason to believe that drivers had any issues with the vision while wearing the contact lenses, which affected their performance in anyway.