New Floodplain Zoning Developed that Processes Topographic Datasets in Minutes

New Floodplain Zoning Developed that Processes Topographic Datasets in Minutes

Enrique Vivoni, a hydrologist from the School of Earth and Space Exploration and ASU professor has come up with a first exhaustive high-resolution map of Earth’s floodplain. A team of scientists has also accompanied them in carrying out this study.

Floodplains play a crucial role in economic activities, population centers, and transportation; therefore, it is essential to identify their extents. This new Earth’s floodplains one can categorize the human footprint on these global environments, said Vivoni. He added further by saying, remote sensing has truly transformed the ability to monitor the Earth.

Fluvial Landscapes – Play a Crucial Role in Human Existence

Floodplain zoning is done with the help of complex hydrodynamic models. But the modeling results can differ broadly while using different methods. However, until now there hasn’t been any available one structure for global floodplains mapping.

As the availability of water and fluvial landscapes are of supreme importance for human existence and socioeconomic growth. Wherein planning for urban development or environmental protection, identifying the boundaries of floodplains plays a crucial role.

The geomorphic floodplains-zoning gadget, which is also called GFPLAIN for Global Floodplain, which is a source programme shared among professionals and scientists across the world. It helps them in identifying morphology, floodplain boundaries, and landscape patterns. It also processes regional topographic datasets on a continental scale with minutes or seconds.

As this data can be shared openly, the research team has come up with a lucrative opportunity for professionals and scientists. They were able to develop sustainable water management plans and learned about complex floodplain-urban interactions. It was astonishing in understanding poor river basin that is stressed by the massive population.

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