New Recycled Tyres to Improve Concrete Resistance from Fire

New Recycled Tyres to Improve Concrete Resistance from Fire

According to a recent study, a new way could help protect concrete from fire damage. This is done using recycled material of old tyres. Scientists at University of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, find out in their research.

The fibre from textile reinforcement were the raw material for the research. They are commonly used to improve performance of tyres. Upon adding these fibres to the concrete mix, test results shows that it reduces concrete’s tendency to break. Usually concrete breaks on the surface due to high heat.

More Prevalent Usage of Man-made Propylene

However, utilization of artificial propylene fibres in order to protect strong foundations from collapsing or damaging, is a better known technique. Man-made PP fibres are used widely in several modern constructions such as large-scale modern structures and Crossrail.

The Sheffield research leads in depicting the fact that fibres are not exclusive form of raw material. Dr. Shan-Shan Huang, in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering said that they have demonstrated the fact that recycled fibres are same as ‘virgin’. These PP fibres consume a lot of power and resource in the production process. The moisture locked inside the concrete is let to escape, that makes the concrete to break.

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