New Robot to Help Harvesting Crops with Higher Efficiency

Agricultural robot and drones are generally used in the weed control, planting seeds, cloud seeding, environmental monitoring, harvesting, and soil analysis. However, the main area of application of these robots is across the applications of harvesting.

Researchers have developed an advanced sweet pepper harvesting robots which are designed to work in single stem row cropping systems with non-clustered fruits. The finding showed that by using other commercially available crop modified to create the required conditions, the robot harvests ripe fruits with the success rate of 62% in 24 seconds.

The robot has been named Sweeper, which picks systematically and accurately said co-author Polina Kurtser, and researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheba, Israel. When it will be fully developed robot, it will enable harvesting and will be able to create the required atmosphere anywhere in any condition. Additionally, it reduces the spoilage substantially along with cutting the cost of labors and protect farmers from price fluctuations, added Kurtser.

Based on the latest results, the Sweeper – sweet pepper harvesting robots – will be available in the next four to five years. By that time, the technology will be able to harvest other crops as well, the researcher said.

The robot was represented last week at the Research Station for Vegetable Production at St. Katelijne Waver in Belgium. Help from agricultural robots will modernize the harvesting process and reduce the food waste during the process along with supporting the economics of the agriculture.

The team is focusing on the improvement of the robots and the team said that additional research is needed to reach to the success rate.

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