New Use-Cases of Big Data to Offer Better Insights for Day to Day Lives


A team at Sandia National Laboratories is developing a new model using big data to solve day to day tasks. The new model shall allow users to understand political ups and downs. Also, it can also help field commanders to respond to security threats in advance.

According to Tian Ma, data production through several daily use applications is tremendous. In figures, there are approximately 2.5 quintillions of data but most of it evades attention This poses a challenge to intelligence providers that there is immense data on the disk that can’t be overlooked. Hence the team of researchers is developing the new model to lower this burden from the intelligence providers.

How Scientists did Develop the New Model?

The team joined hands with students from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to develop the algorithms for the new model. For data collection team used Chicago’s traffic data through cameras, tweets, integrated sensors, and texts to understand the traffic congestion in the city.

After analyzing these data, the new model predicted the fastest routes around Chicago to the users. The success rate of the new model is the result of real-time updates that the computer analyzes. This dynamic nature of the model is apt for businesses and its several verticals. It can enhance the productivity and profit for the business heads.

The model uses big data tools to harness the power of this abundant data. Coupled with machine learning and artificial intelligence, the new model completely eliminates human interventions offering the best outcomes to the users in real-time.

For future applications, the model shall also be incorporating automation in the processes of collecting, sorting, processing, delivering insight to the user.


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