What Does the Next-gen Space Suit Offer?


Space suit is like the identity of an astronaut like the doctor’s coat. As space missions become a symbol of supremacy across the world, developing better quality space suits are imperative. Here’s a look at the 21st century space suit or Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit and what it offers


The new space suit allow an astronaut to land smoothly on the lunar soil. Further, it provides protection from extreme weathers up to – 250 degree Farenheit or 250 degree Farenheit in the sun. It also protects the astronaut from the surrounding gases and prevent the exhaled carbon oxide from re-entering the system.


It is fun to watch bunny-hopping astronauts. But, it is a worry for a space organization to see its astronauts struggle with mobility almost 250,000 miles away from home. However, 21st century astronauts will not have to experience any of this. The new suit is made of new materials that allow ample hip and knee movements. Further, the suit also provides some elements in the shoulder that allow astronauts to move their hands freely. Also, it allows them to fetch something above their head.

Customizing for Multiple Destinations 

The new-age spacesuit allows users to customize their spacesuit or fit them according to the requirement. That is, its parts can be interchanged based on the location. Be it landing on the moon or a planet, or the international space station.

Using Anthropometry and Biomechanics 

Space suit makers will use these technologies to make space suits that offer maximum motion for astronauts. It will create 3D images of astronauts in motion and adjust the requirements preventing skin irritation.


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