Now an App for Deaf Parents to Determine a Reason For Baby Cry

Now an App for Deaf Parents to Determine a Reason For Baby Cry

For parents who are deaf, it is very difficult to know when their baby is crying and need their attention. Delbert Whetter, a deaf father has helped test a new app called ChatterBaby, which is helpful for cases where parents are deaf.

They have been rely on cameras and remote monitoring of noise if they are in one room and they baby in another. However, this technology is not efficient. When a child is mumbling and talking then the alerts go off and this is constantly an issue. There is no way of finding out whether the baby is crying or talking. With this new tool however, which is just an app, developed by UCLA, this issue is resolved.

The research led by Ariana Anderson, in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, makes use of artificial intelligence which not only informs their parents that they infant is weeping but also helps in telling them what makes them cry.

As a mother, one knows from the cry of the baby what he or she needs. But when the mother herself is deaf, then it is a big issue. As a statician, it was thought what if we can train an algorithm to do exactly what a parent does on hearing their child cry. While created the app, over two thousand samples of baby cries were recorded. Then the building and testing if algorithms were done and classified into their types. Hunger, fuss, and pain. The algorithm correctly identified and flagged the type of cry. The app is now available for free in Android and iPhone.

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