Now Keeping Track of Blood Flow in Artery is Easier

Now Keeping Track of Blood Flow in Artery is Easier

It is often difficult to track the first sign of surgery success on veins. Before anyone could know, patient might undergo for a second surgery, with risks similar to the one in the first surgery. To overcome this risk, a team of Stanford scientists has invented a biodegradable wireless battery-free sensor. This device will help keep track of the flow of blood in an artery. Moreover, it will assist doctors to monitor the success of blood vessel surgery.

The device will securely wrap around the patient’s healing vessel. Without permission, taking it out is not an option. Additionally, if there is any blockage, it can immediately warn the doctor. Doctors can remotely monitor the patient using a device situated near the skin. It will ping user with the help of antenna on the sensor, like an ID card scanner.

A professor at Stanford University in the US said that as blood flow measurement is challenging, a biodegradable battery-free sensor would make difference in multiple treatment fields. He also added that this technology combined with an eco-friendly sensor would enable doctors to extend their care without doing a test or face-to-face meetings.

Safety Measures through experiments are taken beforehand

At first, this device was tested in the artificial environment then a surgeon at Stanford implanted the device around a rat’s artery. It successfully started working and gave reading of the blood flow to the wireless reader.

A co-author of the research paper commented that the project was challenging and involved continuous effort of redesigning and experimenting. He added that this invention is going to increase opportunities in telemedicine and monitoring for many surgeries. The researchers are also involved in finding the best way to attach the device to the vessels. Let’s see what other ideas will contribute to this interdisciplinary area.

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