Now Sorting and Identifying Cancer Cells to Become Quicker and More Reliable

Now Sorting and Identifying Cancer Cells to Become Quicker and More Reliable

A startup company which is made up of scientific people and Academy researchers I have recently invented a sorting system which is also a new cell identification system, called as ghost cytometry, which combines and imaging technique with artificial intelligence for identifying as well as sorting cells with high throughput speed. The team has built this system with the hope that this technique can be used for identifying and sorting cancer cells which are circulating in the blood of a patient. The team is also helping that it again enable quick drug discovery through the system as well as improve the quality of cell-based medical therapeutics.

Ghost Cytometry to be of High Use in Times of Urgency

Patients who require immediate and accurate isolation and diagnosis of cell samples will be able to make good use of ghost cytometry. This system can also help researchers who need to classify cells in the lab. existing cell sorting machines could not differentiate between the different cell types with similar appearances. Human experts on the other hand routinely identify and sort the cells but at the speed of 10 cells per second and that too with not as much accuracy as desired.

First Sorting and Identification Technique that is Imaging-free

This technique makes use of minimal light wave data without making use of any transformation of the light data into a picture and is there for an image free imaging technology. As of now all methods make use of sorting and identification of cells through microscope images of the cells which is later identified and classified through a computer image recognition program or a human.

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