Now Virtual Reality to Help Design Cars, Ford Experiments

Now Virtual Reality to Help Design Cars, Ford Experiments

American automaker Ford develops technology for the design of cars for virtual reality. A 3D model of a race car with an interior and exterior, turbot and hybrid driven powertrain has been developed as the first example for the production of cars with technology.

Design has come a long way since the early days when designers had just used pen and paper. Today’s software supports designers, some of which also offer 3D models to help a designer to get a better overview of the look of the finished product.

‘Gravity Sketch’ to Realize VR Sketches of Cars

The design was created with the VR gravity sketch program and took just 40 hours in total, some of the time traditional design methods such as clay models and sketching would have taken. Roughly 50 staff at Ford experiment with gravity design, which allows them to draw using a headset and controller. The VR makes vehicle viewing possible at all angles, handling certain angles and curves, zooming, changing color quickly and more.

You can inside your vehicle place a virtual driver and even step into your vehicle itself, to feel how the cabin is. Ford says the Gravity Sketch tool — which comes under their name— can reduce design time between weeks and hours. Cars typically start as a 2D sketch, become a high-quality illustration and become a state-of – the-art 3D model with computer programming. Only then in a VR environment is the car evaluated.

Different industries hope to improve efficiency and enable more cooperation via virtual design capabilities remotely. Ford plans to experiment with technology in order to create prototypes for future design processes.

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