No industry is devoid of risk and the Oil and Gas industry is not an exception either. Companies invested in the business of oil and gas face their own unique set of risks, be it natural, manmade or inherent in their daily operations. Risk management solutions for the oil and gas business vary in general with the environment of business, the stakeholders and the nature of operations. Efficient risk management solutions not only need to be tailor made according to the industry but also to the specific business environment being faced.

Project risk management is an integral part of any project in the oil and gas business. Companies providing risk management services need not only identify major risks in the business but also communicate risk management solutions in an effective manner. Risks when not managed diligently can have dire consequences on any Oil and Gas Company’s balance sheet.

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The oil and gas business is capital intensive in nature and operates with a large asset base and in highly risky environments. This drives the need for such companies to effectively manage their catastrophic risk portfolio. These market players need to continuously strive to optimize and strengthen their risk management models. General risk management models comprise of two primary phases namely the initial risk management and residual risk management.