The leading players in the global omega 3 ingredients market for 2014 – Croda International Plc., BASF SE, and Koninklijke DSM N.V. – generated a collective share of 48.2% based on value. According to a research report released by Transparency Market Research, a majority of the top players in the global omega 3 ingredients market have been present for a long time already and therefore own a rich history of business strategy adoptions as well as consolidation efforts, including mergers and acquisitions.

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As stated in the TMR research report, the competitive landscape of the global omega 3 ingredients market is likely to remain very intense till 2021. The market is highly concentrated in developed economies as compared to the emerging ones. Moreover, the leading entities in the market play a massive role in the development of the market, leaving minimal scope of growth for regional players or new entrants. The general threat from new entrants is additionally predicted to remain low over the coming years, a factor attributed to the tall entry barriers and the general lack of consumer awareness in untapped regions. The TMR report reveals that the global omega 3 ingredients market is expected to generate a revenue of US$7.49 bn by 2021. It is projected at a CAGR of 15.2% from 2015 to 2021 and is predicted to reach US$3.70 bn before the end of 2016.

North America Demand for Omega 3 Ingredients on Upswing

From a regional perspective, North America has reigned supreme in the global omega 3 ingredients market over the past years and is very likely to remain in the lead over the coming years. This region has been the top consumer for EPA/DHA, with a giant share of this demand emanating from the segments of pharmaceuticals and supplements. Despite already holding a high volume of demand, North America is expected to show a very solid growth rate over the coming years. Meanwhile, Europe and Asia Pacific are expected to show a slow but sure growth rate in demand due to slowly increasing awareness rates.

Supplements and functional foods have consistently been the leading application segment in omega 3 ingredients. By the end of 2021, this segment is expected to accrue a total revenue of US$3.91 bn.

Health Concerns on the Rise, Spur Demand for Nutritive Foods

One of the key factors promoting the growth of the global omega 3 ingredients market is the increasing rate of awareness regarding the choices that individuals are making in food and beverage consumption, as well as demanding for clear knowledge of the nutritive qualities of a food. Omega 3, as an example, reduces the health risks of a consumer in terms of skin cancer of prostate cancer. Studies also show omega 3 acids to be effective in the treatment of asthma and bronchial infections. The number of consumers of nutritive additives and ingredients is also much higher in urban areas than otherwise, primarily due to the already high and further growing levels of awareness among the urban populace. They are also more exposed to the marketing efforts put in place to promote the sales of nutritive ingredients,” states a TMR analyst.

Many Regions Still Untapped

The current scenario of opportunities in the global omega 3 ingredients market is, unfortunately, largely restricted to developed economies. This means that a massive percentage of the global population is still far from being a consistent consumer base for this market. Factors for this include the extremely low rate of awareness among consumers in these regions and the absence of large scale manufacturing. Over time, these regions are expected to turn from low opportunity to high opportunity, due to the increasing urban populations, rising disposable incomes, and the growing interest shown by globally prominent players from the market.