The combination of Oracle and Moat will offer publishers and brands a complete suite of measurement solutions, which will help them improve the outcome of their digital advertising campaign. This is what Oracle anticipates after acquiring Moat, a digital measurement company known for providing measurement, analytics, and intelligence to publisher platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, ESPN, and Snapchat.

The company also works with renowned brands, including Procter & Gamble, Nestle, and Unilever to track and measure their online ads. The deal was signed on April 18, 2017 and its financial terms have not been disclosed. As per the announcements made regarding it, Moat will remain an independent entity within the Oracle Data Cloud and Jonah Goodhart, the founder and CEO of the former, will continue to administer the division within Oracle.

Spiraling Trend of Digital Advertising Inspires Oracle to Make this Move

Over the last decade, digital advertising has emerged as a new religion to follow for advertisers and publishers. The increasing reliance of organizations worldwide on marketing technology solutions in order to add greater transparency and visibility to their digital advertising efforts prompted Oracle to make this deal. The agreement is the latest entrant in the list of recent marketing technology-related acquisitions the tech giant has made over the recent years, including the acquisition of data management software company BlueKai and ad-targeting data firm DataLogix in 2014.

Meanwhile, the major competitors of Oracle, including Salesforce and Adobe are continuously leveraging the competition by introducing marketing “clouds” of their own in the data, marketing software, and ad-targeting arena.