An Origami-based Insect-inspired Drone Collapses upon High Impact

An Origami-based Insect-inspired Drone Collapses upon High Impact

Inspired by origami – the traditional Japanese practice – robotics experts have developed the light, innovative drones, and robots. Two type of origami-inspired structures is emerged such as rigid and flexible. Rigid structures are able to bear the weight and flexible structures are not able to bear that much.

EPFL scientist are just applying their recent observations and developed an origami drone, they developed drones based on the circumstances. In terms of airborne, structure is rigid to carry its weight and supports thrust of user. But if the device is able to run in something it will become flexible for absorbing shock. This research was completed in Dario Floreano’s Laboratory of Intelligent Systems.

It has sandwich structure with the stiff elastic layers. Elastomer membrane is strained to get the sandwich structure with rigid plates. Plates hold them together and attain the stiff structure when the system at the rest while application of force, the plates are separated and structure bends.

The drone based on origami is developed by EPFL is flexible enough to absorb shock without breaking before returning to its initial shape. This type of drone was inspired by wings of insects that possess the feature of being stiff and flexible.

The strictures are stiff and flexible which have potential application in numerous ends. The structure of drone has same technology to make a soft-touch gripper. The gripper relaxes after reaching a level until it reaches at a level of picking up without breaking it. This also means that if it cannot pick the load that is more than its capacity.

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