Parental Depression is related to Increased Usage of Healthcare in Kids

Parental Depression is related to Increased Usage of Healthcare in Kids

The research published in the online journal BMJ Paediatrics Open suggested that illness especially depression in the parents is linked to increased usage of health services such as emergency care and children related diseases.

Family background is influential factor which boost the need of healthcare, this research suggests.

To explore the research further, the researchers overviewed the electronic health records of nearly 25,000 patients of one family doctor (GP) practice in London for 12 months. They created groups of patients according to their living addresses and estimated the impact of patients for long term effects of patents condition and use of healthcare facilities. They observe the children behavior on the basis of four categories including GP appointments; hospital admissions; emergency department attendance; and outpatient appointments.

Children were divided into three groups such as 0-5; 6-10; and 11-15. Nearly 41% of children were living with single parent, equal were living with two parents and 19% were living with three or more adults. Parents of nearly 16% children were suffering from depression.

Odds of attendance in emergency department was noticed rise by 41%; while number of admittance to hospital and casual appointment was rise by 47% and 67% respectively. Risk of GP appointment was rose by 28%.

The observational study can’t found any cause. The study was focused on general practice, so these findings might not readily apply to any other place, said the researchers. Even the research was not able to assess the degree of social support from numerous relatives and adults.

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