Patents suggest Samsung intending to Launch Smart Foldable Drones

Patents suggest Samsung intending to Launch Smart Foldable Drones

Transformable drones may be the next design innovation in next-generation unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Well, this is what several of the recent patents by Samsung indicate. The South Korean multinational conglomerate has filed at least five patents with the US Patents & Trademark Office. According to its latest patent, the company is looking toward developing a transformable drone. The drone it plans to develop can be folded and is likely to be used as an accessory for its next spate of Galaxy phones. More specifically the drone will have foldable arms, numerous sensors aimed for specific applications, and at least one camera. The drone is also likely to feature usual technologies such as barometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope. A wide variety of propulsion system that the drone may house can be controlled using a configurable navigation circuit.

Transformable UAVs likely to feature Smart Controls synced to Smartphones

The drones Samsung plans to develop will be on the lines of transformable UAVs. This will result in a drone whose main body or an airframe will enable the drone’s controller to manage the flight performance and portability. The external controller can control the UAV through wireless communication, as disclosed by the patent. To make the user interface more intuitive, the foldable drone can be maneuvered by the controller with the help of joysticks in steering mode. Moreover, the user can manage the control mechanism using just smartphone screens, or any other mobile communication device. Additionally, the smart control system that its drones may feature can also be managed using home electronic devices, the patents disclose.

The patents do not make it clear whether Samsung plans to unveil these drones in the market in near future. Nevertheless, as its ambitious plans underline, its foray into the drones market will cause stir in the prevailing market dynamics world over.

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