Researchers have found that less body fat is found in people with genetic disposition for a sweet tooth. Basically those with a gene variation of FGF21 have a tendency to have low body fat as compared to others, finds a research study conducted by University of Copenhagen. However, people with this genetic variation show a slightly high tendency to increased blood pressure as well as more fat on the waist than the hip, giving them a more apple shape like figure. The study is a collaboration which is led by researchers from University of Exeter Medical School. The study has been derived after the careful analysis of large amounts of data, comprising many thousands of individuals whose diet, blood samples, and genetic data among others were factors considered.

The difference of the blood pressure level and body fat is just minor and whether the person has genetic variation or not, the results are correct. The new realization about people with genetic sweet tooth is important as it will now be a base or foundation on which future drugs will be developed or future research will be conducted. Researchers are now determining if it is possible to replace FGF21 using drugs for treating diabetes and obesity.