Plastics Corrugated Packaging Market to Expand with Significant CAGR During 2018-2028

There is high demand for the secondary packaging material in the market. Packaging manufacturers are in search of the material that can sustain in all the climatic condition without harming the product being packaged. Manufacturers are using corrugated paper & paperboard boxes as a secondary packaging material, but the paper and paperboard corrugated boxes have low wet strength as compared to plastic corrugated boxes. However, plastic corrugated packaging products have high resistance to water, thus, highly preferred from the manufacturing end. The material has high crushing strength, stiffness, and hardness. Further, this material is lightweight, and they can carry heavy materials. These features of plastic corrugated packaging products are preferred from ends users.

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Key players of plastic corrugated packaging products are shifting their interest from corrugated cardboard packaging product to plastic corrugated packaging products. Technology Container Corp., a    reusable plastic corrugated packaging products manufacturer, prefers plastic packaging product.  As these containers are reusable, they eliminates the time taken, labor cost and the material that is required for the production of new plastic corrugated packaging products.

Tier down Analysis:

Tier 1: The Tier 1 analysis includes the key manufacturers of plastics corrugated packaging materials that have market share of 1.5%-5% Technology Container Corp., Corlite Packaging, Hinkle Manufacturing, Inc., Androp Packaging, Inc., Minnesota Diversified Industries, Caprihans India Limited, New-Tech Packaging Inc. and others.

Tier 2: The Tier 2 analysis includes emerging companies  of plastics corrugated packaging products they are GWP Correx, NW Packaging, Androp Packaging, INC., Amatech Inc., Plastic Corrugated Packaging & Accessories Pty Limited, Coroplast, CLPG Packaging Industries Sdn. Bhd., Classic Enterprises Ltd., Shish Industries Limited, CoolSeal USA, Kiva Container, Avon Containers and others.

Key insights of plastic corrugated packaging market 

Plastics corrugated packaging containers are integrated with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification system). The system can quickly identify the location of the container. “Mission Foods” company has installed RFID system in plastics corrugated packaging products that will easily track the container. The use of the system has reduced the loss of the container. As plastics, corrugated packaging containers can be reused for more than eight times, for shipment of the products.  This initiative of the Mission Foods was recognized, and the company was awarded the by the “RFID Journal award,” and the use of the plastics corrugated packaging containers has saved about $15 million of the company.

The pricing analysis of plastic corrugated packaging market is done by the packaging type. The global plastic corrugated packaging market volume is tracked in (tonnes) and value is (millions).

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