Pre-made Pouch Packaging Machines Market to Incur Meteoric Growth During 2018 – 2028

There is demand for the packaging machines in the market that can fill and seal the pouch. Pre-made pouch filling machine can unseal the pouch, fill the material and then seal the pouch. Premade pouch filing machine can switch from one size to other for different packaging format. They are suitable to pack different pouches such as flat, gusted, stand up, spouted, zipper pouch and others. Since the pouches are premade, there is no requirement for the roll stock. Therefore, the cost associated to handle, store the roll stock, and to form a pouch is not included whereas this cost is included in case of form fill seal machines. In premade pouch packaging machine there are fewer chances of breakdown, so less maintenance is required. End users of different packing machinery such as food industry, cosmetics & personal care, pharmaceuticals are majorly focusing on the cost-effective packaging machine. The end users prefer premade pouch packaging machines that are cheaper compared to other packaging machines.

The food industry is expected to lead the end-use segment, regarding market revenue share. Cosmetics & personal segment and pharmaceuticals end use segment is expected to expand at a high CAGR by 2028 end.

The overall packaging machines market was valued at USD 46.2 billion in 2016. The packaging machines market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period.

Global packaging machines manufacturer Viking Masek Global Packaging will be showcasing its packaging machines in Coffee Expo exhibition which will be held on April 2018. A range of packaging machines will be showcased in the exhibition. In August 2017, the company launched new “Dual-Lane stand cap pouch packaging machine.” This new configuration has an additional feature, which reduces the dependency of the manufacturer on horizontal form fill seal machine for the production of stand cap pouch. This machine can fill and seal, liquids and semi-solids at the rate of 80 stand up pouches per minute.

Further, Industria Macchine Automatiche S.P.A, a key player in pre-made pouch packaging machines market, is providing a diverse range of filling and sealing machines. The machine comprises of additional features, such as, in filling machine the premade pouch is fitted and tested with leak testing system that eliminates the possibility of leakage of the product. Further, for sealing of the premade pouch, the company is using the ultrasonic technique.

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The major challenge faced by the premade pouch packaging machines market is that these machines have low speed compared to the other packaging machine, such as form fill seal machines.

One of the trends observed in the market is that manufacturers are installing servo driven components in the premade pouch packaging machine that enhance the speed of the machine. These components are supplied by global automation companies like Rockwell Automation Inc.

Pricing of the premade pouch packaging machines will be calculated on the basis of machine type, i.e., automatic pouch filling machines and semi-automatic pouch filling machines. The global market value of pre-made pouch packaging machines is in (USD million), and the global volume is in (units).

The production of premade packaging machines is majorly concentrated in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. In Asia Pacific region, China leads in terms of production and majorly exports to the emerging countries. Competitive packaging machinery, form fill seal machines holds high market share in developed market. In developing nations end users are majorly preferring cheaper machines, over costlier ones.

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Thus, in emerging countries, end users are expected to consume pre made packaging machines. The market for pre made pouch packaging machines is expected to expand at a CAGR of 3.6% by 2028 end.  Since, local pre made packaging manufacturers offers low barrier entry option, therefore global manufactures has high scope of growth in the MEA & Latin America region.

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