Protein Drink Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025” is a new business intelligence report by Transparency Market Research and it has been added to its archive of extensive and varied market intelligence studies. The above-mentioned market intelligence report delves into and gauges each of the aspects of the international market landscape of the protein drink. This market intelligence study grasps the evolution of the said market by studying the previous market developments, subsequent evolutions and by assessing the present market scenario. Based on all the likely situations, it also presents a detailed prospect of growth that could arise in the forthcoming years. The study report also provides the market trends that are currently prevailing in the world market for surgical stapling device together with its macro and micro-economic directives.

Shifting preference of consumers towards maintenance of health and health awareness is generating huge demand for drinks that are laden with protein. Presently, protein drinks are being basically marketed and promoted across the world as a sports nutrition drink. Protein drinks or sports drinks are more and more consumed by bodybuilders, athletes and health conscious people so as to improve their overall health, growth of the muscle, and performance. Proteins are an essential part of our everyday diet and it constitutes the red blood cells and various other body muscles. In addition to the athletes, the consumption of protein drinks is also increasing amongst various other demographics such as women, men and other seniors. The world market for protein drink is foreseen to register significant growth opportunities due to the rising demand for protein drinks and ready to drink.

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The world market for protein drinks market is classified on the basis of end user, packaging, sales channels, source and region.

A few of the prominent market players of this market are SlimFast, The Kellogg Company, Powerful Yogurt, PMV Nutrient Products Pvt Ltd, CP Kelco, Orgain, Inc., nutrineo, and others.