Miniaturization of electronic devices seems to be the name of the game for the vendors operating in the end-user technology market. In the recent past, wearable has emerged as a tool that has numerous potential in various fields, but none more importantly than the healthcare sector. Medical and technology companies have come together to develop wearable for the future generation and Qualcomm Life have taken us a step forward. The company has announced the designing and development of a breakthrough reference design that can connect medical grade biometric patches, is cost effective, and will enable a multitude of models for intelligent care, both from the assessment preoperative conditions as well as the effects of therapeutics on a subject after the processes.

Real-time Information A Boon for Healthcare

The product has been developed around the needs of healthcare professionals, for whom the monitoring of patients across an entire facility and gain real-time data is essential. As per the company, this wearable patch technology will be able to transform how timely and accurate data is provided in the future, going great length towards providing caregivers extensive and real-time data to make decisions. The design is one time usable, functions at low power, is cost effective so that a larger masses can be benefitted. The product is expected to fuel new dimension for wearable in the medical sector that is scalable, proactive, and intelligent.

Qualcomm Life’s 2net design platform was used to develop these patches that can connect medical devices including disposable diagnostic and drug delivery devices. Benchmark Electronics will license the reference designs and manufacture the products.