The global market for white box servers is expected to experience prominent changes in its setup due to a rising demand for the white box servers across the mega-business units. A white box is essentially a server or a computer that is an assemblage of components without a single brand name for the entire computer or server system. A report by QY Research Reports titled, “Global White Box Servers Market Research Report 2017” makes a comprehensive analysis of the market by elucidating several forces whose interplay decides the fate of the market. The report has enunciated a medley of indicators such as market growth rate, share of various market players, market value, and regional dynamics. This would be an important standpoint for stakeholders who want to get a pensive peak into the market. Furthermore, the extrinsic and intrinsic elements that could accentuate or restrain the market have also been covered in the report. The historic trends that were exhibited by the market have been equilibrated with the contemporary trends in order to forecast the trends that could surface in the future. Data analysis also forms an important part of the report making room for the market players to gauge the extent of lucrativeness budding the market.

White box server designs do not have an archetype which means that they do not require standardization for their crafts. Furthermore, the components of white box systems are free from becoming redundant, and hence, their usage spans across long period of time. The branded servers are expensive and their costs have only escalated with the passage of time. This discourages a large chunk of users from accustoming themselves to the usage of these servers. This brings the white box servers in the picture because they are low on costs, and successively help in reducing operational costs. Moreover, the functionality of white box servers is nimble and does not involve any major complexities. This also goes on to become a major driver for the market, and creates growth spaces for the market players. Several companies have commenced designing their own servers to sync them with the operational needs of the business, which is another important driver for the market. The surge in the micro-mobile data centers has also emerged as a positive point of growth for the market. The speed offered by the white box servers is palpably high and they are easy to deploy. It is imperative for various market players to tap these drivers and reach fruition in the market.

Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) have introduced white box storages that are quite energy efficient and incur low costs, which harbors high growth opportunity for the market. Giant companies such as Google, AWS, and Azure are looking for cost effective hardware which is also a point of opportunity for the market. The growing competitiveness from brands of hardware products could pose a threat to the growth of the market. However, the rising prominence in the business circles and individual entities is projected to keep the market stakes high.

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The report segment the market into regional segments viz. Europe, North America, Japan, China, Indi, and Southeast Asia. A holistic analysis of all the regions along with the factors contrubutinf to their growth are a key inclusion of the report. The sub-regions that cumulatively strengthen the entire market have also been highlighted in the report.

The major players in the global market for White Box Servers include Silicon Mechanics (US),
Servers Direct (US), Stack Velocity Group (US), Hon Hai Precision Industry (Taiwan), Penguin Computing (US), Hyve Solutions (US), Quanta Computer (Taiwan), Celestica (Canada), MiTAC Holdings (Taiwan), Inventec (Taiwan), Compal Electronics (Taiwan), Wistron (Taiwan), ZT Systems (US), and Super Micro Computer (US).