Recruitment Process Outsourcing refers to a type of business process outsourcing (BPO) in which an employer makes a transfer a part or all of its recruitment processes to an outside service provider. A provider of recruitment process outsourcing can give its own or might assume the role of company’s staff, reporting, methodologies, and technology.

Outsourcing means the process of contracting out of a specific business process like payroll processing, claims processing and other kinds of non-core and operational functions such as manufacturing, facility management, and call center support to a third party. The process of outsourcing comprises both foreign and domestic contracting, and many a times it also comprises near shoring and off shoring. Near shoring refers to the process of transferring of business activity to a nearby or neighboring nation and off shoring is the process of relocation of a business process to a far off country. Globalization is considered to be one of the basic elements that are anticipated to facilitate the progress of this industry.

The augmented usage of neo-sourcing is anticipated to drive the growth opportunities for the recruitment process outsourcing industry in the years to come. Neo-sourcing refers to the integration of both BPO and IT outsourcing and a model of evolution of BPOs that is being offered by various outsourcing companies. It is also being noticed that the said industry is experiencing a growing number of business process integration and the arrival of many kinds of technological solutions so as to reduce costs and better innovations and productivity. One of the basic factors that are responsible for the increasing preference for neo-sourcing in numerous organizations is the business transformation and profit optimization, which is a consequence of the combined management of back-office operations and technology for process re-engineering. Furthermore, the benefits that is derived out of this technology comprise improved productivity, reduced cycle time, cost reduction, process optimization, access to the best global practices, and boosted morale of the employees.

Selection of a provider of recruitment process outsourcing is a major decision for any of the organizations. Recruitment process outsourcing can be an all-inclusive solution of talent acquisition with a major impact on a business.

Vendors of recruitment process outsourcing make an offering of a wide range of services some of which are related directly to assessing, screening, interviewing, and sourcing candidates, whilst other vendors offer more of strategic solutions and contribute towards the branding of your employer, technology consulting, and recruiting for culture fit. Not all of the vendors of recruitment process outsourcing offer all the services.

Latest Technologies to Accelerate the Growth of the Industry

Many of the manufacturing jobs are returning to the United States and owing to the emergence of automation and the cost saving factor that is related to local production. There has been a growth of automation in many of the industries, and as such talent acquisition leaders can anticipate high growth in many expert areas such as 3D printing, computer operations, robotics and much other advancement in the technology.

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Despite fear that is arising out of artificial intelligence and new technology that is expected to be substituting employees in the space of recruitment, such technology is quite likely to render a positive effect for the leaders of talent acquisition leaders and recruitment process outsourcing professionals across the globe.

Apart from that, other advancements such as personal texting for recruitment marketing the utilization of online paid advertising are paving way for the progress of the recruitment process outsourcing.

This lack of talent together with technological development has ushered in a change in the way how companies look for talent.