The global market for 4G equipment is characterized by the stellar demand for high speed data. Since the advent of 4G technologies, the domain of data consumption and connectivity has been revolutionized. Several providers have cropped up in the global market for 4G services, which has in turn bolstered the need for 4G equipment. It is anticipated that the market would undergo a positive growth path over the coming years due to the rapid demand for connectivity. Several other industries complement the growth of the market for 4G equipment because data usage has pervaded across all domains.

A report by QY Market Research analyses the market for 4G equipment to evaluate its scope and relevance in the contemporary scenario. The efforts made by several governments to provide LTE technology across a wide territory have also been scrutinized in order to gauge their impact on the global market. The report titled ‘Global 4G Equipments Market Professional Survey Report 2018’ acts as an import mat barometer to gauge the progress of the market in the coming years. Since technological advancements have become the face of the telecommunications industry, it is imperative to study the impact of those advancements on the global market. The report has projected a trajectory of growth over the forthcoming years. In order to do this, the past trends within the industry were analyzed and employed to ascertain a focal point of scrutiny.

Several factors relating to the telecommunications industry across the globe have contributed to market growth. Furthermore, the global business setup has also undergone fundamental changes, and companies are now increasingly reliant on the availability of data. The report analyses each of the sectors that deploy 4G technologies to gauge their impact on the demand within the market. Moreover, development of the automobile sector has also played a prudent role in bolstering demand within the market. It is an established doctrine that humans have been on the lookout for faster data speeds and the advent of 4G made it possible to a large extent. Hence, the market would continue to flourish along the rising needs for data; even daily chores such as navigation, messaging, and ticketing systems depend on the availability of swift data. Hence, there is a need to narrow the gap in connectivity and give all-time access to quick data. Mobile games have become the cynosure of entertainment for a large chunk of the population. Since majority of these require the availability of the internet, it is vital to offer quick 4G services across the globe. The report has elaborated each of these driver sin greater detail to assist the market players and other analysts understand the trajectory of the market.

Despite the even growth of the market, the huge scale investment made in 3G technologies poses a threat to the market. Security issues with regards to the implementation of 4G technologies also becomes a hindrance for the market. Nevertheless, the rising inclination of the people towards swift data is expected to keep propelling demand within the market.

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The regional analysis of the market reveals the following key geographical pockets: India, China, Japan, North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The report gives a comprehensive account about the various market dynamics prevailing in each of these regions.

The leading market players, as recognized by the report, are NEC CorpAirspan Networks,Inc.,
Nokia Siemens Networks, HP Co, Redline Communications, Cisco Systems,Inc., Alvarion Ltd, Datan Mobile Communications Equipment Company, Alcatel-Lucent, Genband Inc., Samsung Group, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Nortel Networks Corp, ZTE Corp, and Fujitsu Ltd.