QYResearchReports.com has recently announced the addition of a detailed market research report covering the global cigarette market to its portfolio. The report, titled “Global Cigarette Industry 2017 Market Research Report,” analyzes all the key aspects of the global market for cigarettes and presents a predictive analysis regarding its future scope of development through 2022, factoring in the factors that will drive and challenge its course of expansion and the key trends and regulations affecting several aspects of the market.

The report presents an in-depth overview of the current state of the global cigarette market, with details regarding the working and design of cigarettes, types of cigarettes available in the market, processes involved in the manufacturing of cigarettes, and the potential impact on growth prospects of the vast regulations levied on the import, export, and global sales of this heavily popular commodity. An overview of the popularity of cigarette de-addiction products in the market and their potential impact on the overall development of the market is also analyzed in the report.

The report studies the market for e-cigarettes from a global perspective while also analyzing it for key regional markets, including the U.S., Europe (except Russia), China, Japan, Indonesia, and Russia. On these fronts, the market is analyzed on the basis of criteria such as market value, key segments, market volume, and distribution channels.

The dynamics of the global cigarettes market is studied on the basis of the key diving forces, key trends, challenges, and recent developments in the market. Some of the key factors driving the global cigarette market include the rising costs of cigarettes, which is allowing vendors to remain profitable despite declining consumption volumes in developed economies. Furthermore, the rising population of smokers in developing economies is also contributing to the steady growth prospects of the global cigarettes market.

The key factors threatening the growth of the market include a significant rise in awareness programs undertaken by government and private organizations with the aim of educating the masses about the severe health impacts of cigarette smoking on health and its connection with fata conditions such as lung and mouth cancer.

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The report segments the global cigarette market on the basis of criteria such as product, end-user, and geography. On the basis of product, the market has been segmented into low tar and high tar cigarettes. On the basis of end-use, the report segments the global cigarettes market into male smokers and female smokers.

The report also presents a detailed overview of the competitive landscape of the global cigarettes market. The market is highly fragmented and features a large number of big companies. For a clearer overview of the market, the report profiles some of the key vendors in the market. Leading companies operating in the global cigarettes market are British American Tobacco, CHINA TOBACCO, Japan Tabacco, Imperial Tobacco Group, Altria Group, Alliance One International, R.J. Reynolds, Universal, PT Gudang Garam Tbk, KT&G, Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor, and Donskoy Tabak. The profiles of these companies are formulated on the basis of criteria such as key financials and an overview of business strategies of these companies.

The report combines expert data integration and analysis capabilities of analysts with the relevant findings, gathered through a number of primary and secondary research techniques, and predicts the future growth prospects of the global e-cigarettes market.