Researchers Develop Novel Superconducting Property in Twisted Bilayer Graphene


Scientists in pursuit of novel materials have correlated insulating property of a twisted bilayer graphene with superconducting states. The researchers recently claimed to achieve a breakthrough by stacking two monolayers of graphene at a very specific angle called magic angle. The angle, estimated at θ = 1.1 ± 0.1, has remained elusive for long.  Single layers of this two-dimensional material don’t exhibit the property of superconductivity. However, a popular approach they call twistronics has enabled researchers to leverage amazing properties of two-dimensional materials. Now, this same concept has allowed scientists to achieve the magic angle between two layers of graphene. Furthermore, the angle is the key enabler of amazing properties in graphene.

Achieving Magic Angle in Graphene Layer No More Elusive

A team of researchers at The Ohio State University teamed with several other researchers and conducted a study on achieving the magic angle. They were able to demonstrate the superconducting property of twisted bilayer graphene. They found that to make the layer superconducting twisting at an angle of approximately 0.9 degrees could do the wonder. The study has paved way to new scientific investigations into using superconductors such as graphene for real-world applications.

The study helps the scientific community to observe new phenomena in twisted bilayer graphene and expand their understanding of the same. Superconductors made of this graphene layer hold great potential as a useful source of energy to power devices in commercial and industrial applications. Achieving the magic angle sooner was nothing short of a breakthrough. Soon the material will see real-world applications in the electrical transmission application and in powering trains and homes.

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