Researchers Develop Strain and Pressure Biocompatible Implantable Sensors

Researchers Develop Strain and Pressure Biocompatible Implantable Sensors

A new kind of stain and pressure sensor which is implantable has been developed by researchers from Stanford University. This new kind of implantable strain and pressure sensor harmlessly decomposes when it stops being a useful. The standard procedure up till now which most people know in order to recover from orthopedic surgery is a physical rehabilitation. However when a patient goes to Rehabilitation Center there is no way of finding out how much stress or pressure the repaired Parts can withstand and for this reason, scientists have developed implant sensors which can give an exact measure of what is going on inside the body of a patient when he or she is participating in a rehab.

Existing sensors had to be removed to a second surgery and also suffered from performance issues. They were not biocompatible. However this new implantable sensors developed by the team at the Stanford overcomes all of these issues. It is made from biocompatible and biodegradable polymers.

The device was tested in a rat and the team found that the sensor was capable of measuring strains ranging from 0.4% and pressure to 12 percent. Apart from a little initial inflammation, no side effects or adverse effects were seen in rats who were tested. Moreover it was also found that the decomposition of the sensor had no ill effects on the rat.

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