Researchers have step forward in the field of wearable technology. Researchers have now engineered wearable technology into using strain sensing textile fibers for creating clothes in order to track down the movement of the weather. The strain sensing textile can also be used for monitoring professional athletes during a competition as also patients who need to track down and compile the data when they are undergoing physical rehabilitation.

Strain sensing textile can now be used as smart devices not only for health or sports but also for Soft Robotics. These wearable devices make it possible to track as well as record all the physical activities by converting the body movements into electrical signals. By tracking and recording physical activities which are involved during Rehabilitation, Fitness, health monitoring, injury prevention, and improving exercise efficiency, these wearable devices coming to extreme use.

One of their biggest application areas can be for tracking the movement of the elbow, knee, and finger joints. The information regarding any change in the level of resistance is sent to a computer buy a wireless transmitter chip, where it can be recorded and also be utilized for giving a feedback on the body’s biomechanics and body’s movement. This is the first time technology has been scaled up to a level where it can be affordable as well as accessible. The development of strain sensing textile is huge as this is the first time a strain sensing fabric can be born directly on to the area affected or the area of it needs to be monitored without the need for any substrate, frame or additional clothing item.

Strain of up to 200% can be measured and large movements can also be measured by the use of the sensors that I used in The Strain sensing textile. Benefits biggest advantages is that it can be born on its own without the need for any bulky support.