Researchers to Launch a Report on APIs and Privacy

Researchers to Launch a Report on APIs and Privacy

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Fordham Law School, associated with AT&T, are willing to help people understand better about Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). API allows data sharing, which leaves a person’s data exposed and easy to breaches, just like on Facebook and Google. On February 5 in Washington, D.C. at the AT&T Policy Forum’s Symposium, researchers from the U.S. have presented their study on “APIs and Your Privacy ”.

Presently, using technology is a second habit of people. People are prone to use technology and internet every day. As they search internet for article on puppy nutrition, instantly advertisements pop-up about pet food businesses on web pages and social accounts.

Expansive Role of APIs in Data Collection Analyzed


APIs play an important role in the digital economy says one of the researchers. Their aim was to assist policy makers and consumers understand what APIs are? What the APIs companies offer? Moreover, what are the privacy implications of APIs? They hope that the report might reveal the expansive nature of business model of data collection.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for consumers to detect when their information is collected. APIs allow software programs to communicate with one another. A website may have a feature or tool its developers want to make available to other websites or applications.

It is hard to be invisible on the internet, as the methods of collecting data from online habits are also evolving just like the web. However, there are things that make it harder for companies to track users, thereby ensuring the privacy.

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