Researchers observe Chewing Gum can be Vitamins Supplements

Around 15 percent of the variety of chewing product are sold with the promise of delivering health enhancing supplements to its consumers. Scientists from Penn State, a public research university based in Pennsylvania, studied whether chewing gums supplemented with vitamins were effective at delivering the vitamins to our body. The overall study demonstrated that gum can be effective system for providing some vitamins to our body.

The researchers closely examined whether chewing gum can be the effective product for delivering vitamins. As per Joshua Lambert, who is the professor of food science in the College of Agricultural Sciences, chewing gum is a pleasant habit to many and this can become a key strategy to eradicate the deficiency of vitamin in people across the globe.

According to recent analysis by National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, close to 10 in one people over the age one lacks vitamin B6 and vitamin C in the United States. One of the researchers was surprised to acknowledge that there was no such study until this one.

Long-term Effect of Chewing Gums on Vitamin Delivery to be assessed in Further Studies

To find more, the scientists had conducted the study on 15 people who were made to chew two ‘off-the-shelf’ supplemented gums. Later on, researchers analyzed the level of 8 vitamins that were released into their saliva. In a different experiment, they also measured the level of seven vitamin in their plasma.

The findings of the study was published online medium in the “Journal of Functional Foods” in October.

The researchers showed that the chewing supplements increase the level of vitamins in the blood plasma. But the study findings have not made it clear whether this will elevate vitamins level for long period. The researchers are likely to conduct a similar study on people who are vitamin deficient to assess the long-term effect of regularly chewing supplemented gum, probably for a month, on the vitamin delivery.

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