Radio Frequency (RF) is a frequency associated with radio waves, within the electromagnetic spectrum. On application of RF current to specialized antennas, an electromagnetic field is generated, which then leads to generation of RF waves. This waves travel through the surrounding media, which might be air or water. Several electronic devices are based on propagation of radio frequency waves. Radio frequency waves are widely used for telecommunications.

Applications in video broadcasting, radio communications and satellite communications are generally achieved by utilization of RF electronic components. Additionally, RF energy is also used for several industrial and healthcare applications. RF test equipments are primarily utilized for testing of RF components and RF electronics, to ensure their proper functionality.

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The market for RF test equipment is primarily driven by the intense growth of telecommunications sector. Current telecommunication systems are primarily based on wireless connectivity, done through wide range of radio frequencies. Such frequencies are transmitted and received through various RF enabled electronic devices. With the growing demand for connectivity, demand for RF enabled devices has been growing at a tremendous pace. This in turn has been promoting the demand for RF test equipment market.

Additionally, the growing demand for internet connected and RF enabled consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, televisions and microwave ovens among others have also been promoting the growth of the RF enabled components. This in turn has been further promoting the growth of RF testing equipments.