Rise in Demand for Smartphones Augments the Global Mobile Application Process

Technologies have touched every aspect of our life starting from the way we look, to the way we sleep. It has drastically changed the way we communicate with each other, even we are on different continent. Evolution of smartphone industry is a major milestone in the world of innovation that today’s generation is witness. Smartphone industry has evolved on the basis of processor, camera, and design. Among these the rapid advancement of processors actually lured the population.

Rapid Advancement in Automobile Industry Tunes Up the Demand for Mobile Application Processor

A mobile application processor is a system that is set on chip processor intended to support applications based on mobile operating system environment. The system on chip assimilation is able to provide the system capabilities which consists components such as graphic processing unit, multimedia decoding units, and memory controller. The major driver driving the market is the rapid advancement in the automotive and industrial sectors. Another factor driving the market is the rise in demand for mobile application processor, owing to the advancements in graphics processing unit accompanied with other complex processing techniques which is directly impacting the demand for application processors. The expansion octa-core processors has enhanced the performance of mobile devices by improving the multitasking process.

Demand for High End Smartphone Helps the Market to Bolster

Other factor helping the market to grow is the rise in demand for mobility and connectivity in consumer testing and electronics services. People these days always want to stay connected during long journeys. The automobile industry has been investing hefty funds behind the research and development team to come with new innovating idea which would spice up the connectivity integrated in a vehicle. Rise in adoption of smartphones in both developing and developed countries are propelling manufacturers present in the mobile application processor market to tune up their production in order to meet the demand. In order to handle high graphic based work such as editing, presentation, and playing games have surged the sales of high end graphics smartphones. Other factors helping the market to grow is the rise in disposable income accompanied with rapid urbanization have triggered the market growth.

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Presence of Major Players, Helps North America to Dominate

On the basis of geography the market is spread across Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and RoW. Amongst the pack, North America held the leading share, owing to the rapid advancements in the smartphone industry. Another major reason that has made North America the dominant region is the presence of major players in the market. For instance, Qualcomm, which is one of the major manufacturer in mobile application processor market hails from the U.S. Asia Pacific is anticipated to become one of the fastest growing region, accredited to the rise in demand for high quality gaming and faster operation. However, it has been noticed that the need for hefty amount of investments in the initial stages have forbidden the entry of new players in the market. Apart from these, volatile market dynamics is likely to deter the growth of the market.

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