Facebook’s Interests in Robotics to Offer Next Big Thing

Facebook’s Interests in Robotics to Offer Next Big Thing

Facebook announced that they are hiring top academics in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. They have hired a well-known roboticist who worked at Disney for moving the animated figures in human ways.

It’s not tough to guess why the social media giant has hired the roboticist as it uses the arm of robotics in their data center. Creation of systems that require fewer data using common sense is a key factor for making smarter AI in future.

Yann LeCun, a Chief scientist of AI at Facebook said, the research is missing some important point regarding the ability of humans to learn things quickly and easily. Thus, the company is seeking help from robotic experts including Jessica Hodgins, the roboticist at Disney and Abhinav Gupta her colleague from Carnegie Mellon University. These scientists are well-known for using a robotic arm to learn the way to grasp things easily.

The AI experts claim that they have to learn more abstract applications from robotics. Roboticist at the University of California, Pieter Abbeel said, it has own benefit and some constraints to learn from AI. And one of it is the complexity of the real world to which AI has to deal. While lack of time and cost of using the machinery is the main difficulty in the way of researchers.

Cornell computer science professor and AI expert Bart Selman said, Facebook’s idea to widen the reach in AI and take on projects which are not directly related to the main business of the company. This attracts all age people on Facebook. And widen its research agenda improve your offerings and labs.

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