Scientists discovered a New Path to Cure Inflammatory and Immune Diseases

Scientists discovered a New Path to Cure Inflammatory and Immune Diseases

In a recent study performed at the University of Texas, the researchers have successfully discovered a new way to the regulation of immune response and further cure some of the inflammatory diseases related to nervous system. The lead professor at the University further explained by saying that it is mandatory to know what activates the inflammatory reaction to bacterial infection in order to alter the immune response. He also stated that if we are able to do that, then we can control these provocative diseases such as sepsis and meningitis.

These findings were published in a report called Scientific Reports. Also, the researchers at the University have discovered a long coding RNA molecule called HOTAIR which is seen in white blood cells. This molecule is able to provide signal to WBCs and respond to stimulus in front of bacteria. This HOTAIR can also act as a biomaker to cure bacterial infection. The bacterial infection can be easily detected with a simple blood test. The HOTAIR has helped patients in treating these inflammatory diseases such as meningitis, which was difficult to treat earlier.

Collaboration with Genome Center led to breakthrough in Immune Response

The researchers with the help of UTA’s North Texas Genome Center presented that the noncoding RNA molecule HOTAIR is induced in the WBCs with lipopolysaccharide, which is found on the outer layer of bacterial cells. After the research was done, they discovered that the gene named HOTAIR was present along with cytokines. These cytokines are ejected by white blood cells as inflammatory and immune response genes for example iNOS. They further concluded the statement by saying that HOTAIR is the regulator gene for inflammation, immune response, and cytokines which are induced by pathogen.

The lead researcher also stated that HOTAIR plays a crucial role in immune response. The researchers at the University of Texas and UTA had already found a connection between HOTAIR and low oxygen flow to tissues which they discovered was a cancer. He made a very essential point by opining that with the help of UTAs North Texas Genome Center, more research can be done on non-coding RNAs.

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