Scientists find New Version of Apps that Ensure Efficient Battery Use

Scientists find New Version of Apps that Ensure Efficient Battery Use

Researchers including those of Indian origin from Purdue University in the US have developed an artificial intelligent (AI) application to help manufacturers design smartphone apps that consume less battery. The (AI) tool known as DiffProf enables developers to automatically identify an app feature(s) that can be a helpful guide for reducing the energy consumption of the app in smartphones.

One of the researchers from Purdue University stated that, in the long run, the utility of the app will have wider implication in the smartphone industry if developers use them to make all apps energy-efficient. The key impact also relies on how often someone uses an app. For instance, consider after a developer has made the messaging app more energy-efficient, one who uses the app quite frequently will see the benefit in overall increased battery life of the smartphone. However, one who doesn’t use the messaging app too often may not gain in mobile battery. Furthermore, the prototype of DiffProf has been tested so far for the mobile phone which has Android operation system.

AI Tools reveal How to Write Apps that drain Comparatively Less Battery

Diffprof helped scientists to find out why the messaging feature of a certain app drains battery faster by taking a closer look at what is called ‘call tree’ the underlying communication model. This may provide clues to them the way to rewrite the app to make them more energy-efficient for a particular task. The work was supported by the United States government agency the National Science Foundation. In the recent past, one of the developers had created a tool which basically helps in pin pointing hot spots in source code which is responsible for an app’s battery drain.

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