Shea Butter Market 2017 Historical Analysis, Leading Growth Drivers, Emerging Audience, Segments, Sales, Profits & Analysis till 2027

Shea butter has high demand in several sectors and world market. Principle factors driving market demand are continuous rising demand for cocoa equivalent products due to rising chocolate consumption by world population. Rising market demand for natural products based cosmetics and skin care products is becoming another market driver for shea butter.

In Western Europe, Japan and North America markets shea butter are highly sought due to its high skin care, emollient and moisturizing properties. This Demand mainly comes from cocoa butter equivalent (CBE) as shea butter is approved to be used in chocolates. Asia Pacific excluding Japan and Japan is also an important market demand from food as well as natural cosmetics markets in the region is increasing. The Europe and North America are the main markets for shea butter use in cosmetics and natural products.

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Consumer awareness about hydrogenated oils containing trans fats has also played an important role in the increased use of shea butter in food products. Emerging market demand for shea butter in the world market is proven employment source for villagers and the sector has got high economic important. And hence government taking initiatives to fulfill the maximum market demand of shea butter and related products, emerging from all over the world. Factors restraining market growth include shea butter cost, which is higher than that of the substitute products palm oil and olive oil, used in soap and other skin care products.

Shea butter is an extract of a fruit of Kartie tree i.e. shea nut. Kartie tree is native to Africa. Kartie is its French name meaning “the tree of life”. It has got its name due to its extensive healing properties. Shea extract and traditionally being used for butter production i.e. shea butter. Shea butter has tremendous skin care, healing, and medicinal properties which marks its demand in the market by various industries. Shea butter is being used and exported since the ancient time from its origin region Africa. Oil from shea extract or shea butter has low-fat content and hence popularly being used as a substitute for cocoa and palm oil, and that drives market demand globally.

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Shea Butter Market Key Players:

The maximum amount of shea butter is exported to other market places other than Africa where it gets extracted, purified and converted into different required by products. Kartie nut processing takes two routes, the row nuts are exported to Asian oil companies in bulk who extract, refine and sell it to Europe. Unrefined shea nut extract and butter is locally processed and graded for purity and then pushed into the world market through distributors.

Key players operating in shea butter market are Star Shea Ltd., Bread For Life, All Pure Nature Ltd. , Shea Radiance, VINK CHEMICALS GMBH & CO. KG, Jedwards International, Inc., Lovinah Naturals, Maison Karite Sociedad Limitada,  Shebu Industries, Shea Therapy Ltd (formerly trading as AGC Ltd), The Pure Company etc. The majority of the players in shea butter market are associated with global shea butter alliance in order to smooth and easy trade transaction in the global shea butter market.

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