Shell Lubricants is one of the leading manufacturers of finished lubricants in the global market. The company has expanded its base and strengthened its hold on several regional markets in the past few years. Rapidly industrializing economies such as India have proved to be highly promising markets for the company and its steady growth in the recent past.

The company continues to witness strong market in India. Recently, it bagged the coveted prize for the ‘Lubricant Company of the Year’, for the third consecutive year at the Excellence Awards ceremony at the India Wind Energy Forum (IWEF). The forum recognizes the best performers in the field of wind energy, awarding companies and professionals for their contribution and achievements in the sector. Projects, best deals, and innovations by industry leaders in the sector are celebrated through the awards.

IWEF is the country’s foremost wind energy conference and attracts delegates from over the globe. Entries for the highly coveted awards are received from across the globe. The awards also provide an opportunity for companies and delegates to interact and network with the best people in the industry. The recent event, held in Chennai on October 12, 2017, featured more than 60 speakers and had premium business-to-business exhibition spaces.

Shell Lubricants has a vast portfolio of high-quality products specifically designed for the wind power sector, including greases and gear oils. The portfolio of gear oils of the company includes products such as Shell Omala S4GX and the highly advanced Shell Omala S5 Wind 320 for wind turbines. Greases for the wind power sector in the portfolio of the company include Shell Rhodina, Shell Gadus S5 V 110 KP, and Shell Gadus S5 V 460 KP 1.5.