Smart Clothes Will Act as Gas Detector

Smart Clothes Will Act as Gas Detector

Researchers at the Tufts University of the U.S. developed threads for smart clothes that can change color when it encounters gases. The researchers demonstrated the change, which is visible by naked eyes or by smartphone cameras.

Mixing these threads in clothing is easy, as they are reusable, washable, and affordable. Thus, thesewill be effective across workplaces military services, and medicals.

The study published in the Scientific Reports journal, suggests that this thread might be useful across numerous areas. Detection of complex or poisonous gas is one of the key tasks for now.

The recent technology offers equipment free readout by eliminating the need for specialized training. Currently, the electronic devices used for the detection of volatile gases require equipment and heavy investment.

Specific Dyes for Specific Gas Detection

The manufacture of the thread is the three-step process in which the first step is the application of dye. Secondly, the treatment with acetic acid for making the thread the surface rougher and includes swelling of the fiber. Lastly, the material is treated with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) to make the flexible and water repellant.

Also, the manganese-based dye, methyl red, MnTPP, and bromothymol blue help to prove the idea. As the chemicals bromothymol blue and MnTPP detects ammonia and Methyl red is able to detect hydrogen chloride. In addition, the PDMS used in manufacturing is permeable to gas, which allows reaching specific dyes.

They used these products to detect some specific gases and chemicals. As the theory is relying on the effects of gases on dyes, it widens the range of functional chemistries. The dyes in the test concluded the effective color change that is visible by eyes. Then they confirmed the color change by the spectrometer.

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