Soft Robotics new coDrive equips for untethered pneumatic cobot use


For collaborative robots, managing nest of power and control cables and hydraulic supplies is a challenge. To address this, Soft Robotics Inc. unveiled its new coDrive technology. The modular system of coDrive technology enables its licensed mGrip soft gripper kit to work with cobot arms without the need of tethered pressurized air.

Hence, as mobility of collaborative robots increases, they need a gripping system that is easy to deploy and use. In this context, Soft Robotics claims its adaptive grasping systems to be proven globally for demanding production environments.

 Function-wise, coDrive trims the pneumatic cord and allows deployment of mGrip where the customer needs it. This arrangement untethers the soft grippers for a various applications

Packaging, pick and place, and machine tending. Additionally, coDrive, collaborative robot users can incorporate mGrip adaptive technology to their applications. The technology offers ease and portability as that offered by traditional electrical grippers.

 Cobot Eliminate limitations of Traditional Gripping  

Collaborative robots are finding adoption in agile infrastructures too. Therefore, it requires a gripping solution that supports agile manufacturing mechanism. Besides this, cobots remove barrier that are present in traditional grasping mechanisms.

Most importantly, this was in mind while designing coDrive. The technology that can power Soft Robotics’ proven mGrip technology for its new cobot kits. This will enable customers to deploy or re-deploy collaborative robotic solution freeing them from modus operandi. For customers, this enables flexibility for supply chain and manufacturing operations.

 In terms of design, the first version of coDrive features plug-and-play capability. The system features arms from cobot leader Universal Robots with a UR+ certification. Moreover, the controller of the system slips into the UR cabinet and comprises URCap Software for easy programming using a teach pendant.

 Meanwhile, inspiration of coDrive was to enable untethered mGrip applications. With coDrive, users can simply install mGrip system, set the grip pressure and release timing

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