The global software defined networking (SDN) market is characterized by the existence of a large number of market players in current times. It is anticipated that the market would offer commendable growth opportunities for market players over the forthcoming years. Hence, the entry of new players into the market is highly likely while the existing players are expected to introduce new and innovative business strategies.

The strongholds of the top players in the market are projected to act as a barrier to the entry of new players into the market. Hence, to make their way into the market, the new ventures are expected to focus on attaining domain expertise prior to their entry.  Since the market is closely aligned with the domain of Information Technology (IT), data management, and resource planning, the market players are required to continually upgrade their services and technologies.

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It is anticipated that the leading market players would concentrate on recalibrating their services and technologies to sustain their position in the market. Besides this, the exponential demand for software defined networking (SDN) across various firms and industries has widened the growth slab for the market players.

Mergers, partnerships, acquisitions, and strategic alliances are also expected to be a key highlight of the global market over the coming years. Some of the leading players in the global market for software defined technologies are Arista Networks, Verizon Communications, Google, Big Switch Networks, HP, Cisco, NEC, Alcatel-Lucent, Brocade Communications Systems, Intel Corporation, Juniper Networks, IBM, and VMware.

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A report produced by the team of researchers at Transparency Market Research (TMR) finds that the global market for software defined networking (SDN) would grow at a boisterous CAGR of 61.50% over the period between 2012 and 2018. Furthermore, it is estimated that the global market would accumulate revenues worth US$3.52 billion by 2018.

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Need for Scalability in Firms to Propel Demand

The benefits offered by software defined networking (SDN) to organizations with complex workflows and data mixes are commendable. SDN provides control over the entire data flow of several networks, thus, eliminating the need to analyze individual data paths. The resources within a company need to be optimized in order to enhance efficiency and avert discrepancies.

The scalability, agility, and flexibility offered by software defined networking (SDN) helps companies in achieving the desired levels of optimization. Due to the huge amount of information and data that needs to be stored by firms, cloud computing has become an indispensable part of both, small and large companies.

It is absolutely necessary to have core knowledge about SDN in order to effectuate cloud computing technologies within the framework of a firm. Owing to the aforementioned factors, the demand within the global market for software defined networking (SDN) is expected to reach new heights over the years to come.