Recently, Packaged Metering and Pumping Solutions announced the launch of an Italian OBL polisol automatic polymer preparation unit in South Africa. This type of a water treatment plant is a relatively new concept that is being introduced for the first time in South Africa. This plant has been specially designed for treating wastewater and water and has been anticipated to produce high quality of water. Water has become a scarce and important resource after South Africa witnesses the worst drought in 100 years. The demand for pure and good quality water has increased exponentially increased since then.

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David O’Neill, the technical director at PMPS said that at this point of time the need for an improved and enhanced water treatment infrastructure is really high in South Africa. This led the company to announce the deployment of OBL Polisol System. The system comprises automatic plants which have been engineered for the incessant preparation of dosing dry polymer. The PMPS also revealed that the system is mainly to be employed in treatment plants for aiding the aggregation of minute suspended particles for forming a floc for settling or filtering.

The director pointed out the principal difference between conventional water systems and Polisol is the initial point of wetting the dry polymer. PMPS also said that the standard units with two or three compartments is capable of providing between 450 liters to 10,000 liters per hour water on a daily basis comprising 0.5% polymer solutions.