Soy and Milk Protein Ingredients Market to Discern Magnified Growth till 2018

The global soy and milk protein ingredients market is witnessing increased popularity these days, thanks to the numerous health benefits of these products and the rising awareness about the potential adverse health effects of animal proteins. The market and its crucial elements have been examined in a recent market research report published by Transparency Market Research. The report states that the market will exhibit a healthy 6% CAGR over the period from 2010 through 2018, and rise to a valuation of US$13000 mn by 2018 from US$8500 mn in 2010.The market is, however, expected to be restrained to a certain extent by issues regarding allergies and other health concerns arising from the use of genetically modified soy, and the inclusion of pea and certain animal proteins in products.The report is titled “Global Soy & Milk Protein Ingredients Market – Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth And Forecast 2010 – 2018,” and is available on the company website for sale.

The report states that the functional benefits of soy and milk protein ingredients are driving the growth of the global soy and milk protein ingredients market. For example, whey protein’s functionalities include whipping, emulsification, water binding, and high solubility. Hence, whey proteins are used in cakes, sausages, and breads. Apart from the growing awareness about the health benefits of soy and milk protein ingredients, adverse effects of animal proteins are also leading consumers to prefer soy and milk proteins.

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Soy and milk protein ingredients make an important segment of the overall proteins market. These organic protein supplements are witnessing significant demand from the world’s health conscious demographic owing to the several economic and functional benefits of these products. Demand for soy protein ingredients, which are considered a satisfactory alternative to milk proteins, has also increased in the past few years owing to the rising numbers of lactose intolerant people across the globe.

The report segments the global soy and milk protein ingredient market on the basis of three broad criteria: Ingredient type, application, and geography.

On the basis of ingredient type, the market for soy protein ingredients has been segmented into soy isolates, soy protein hydrolysates, soy protein concentrates, soy flours, and other varieties. On the basis of application, the market for soy protein ingredients has been segmented into meat alternatives, bakery and confectionary, meat alternatives, dairy replacement, infant food, and functional food.

The market for milk protein ingredients has been segmented into casein/caseinates, whey protein isolates, skimmed milk powder, whey protein hydrolysates, milk protein concentrates and isolates, and whey protein concentrates. From a geographical perspective, the market has been analyzed for North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World.

The report also gives an expansive account of the competitive landscape of the global soy and milk protein market. Some of the major vendors operating in the market profiled in the report are Solbar Ltd., Cargill Inc., ADM Inc., Scoular Company, and DuPont-Solae.

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Of the key regional markets for soy and milk protein ingredients examined in the report, North America and Europe are presently the biggest consumers of these products. The market for soy and milk protein ingredients is progressing towards maturity in these regions. Over the forecast period, the market is expected to witness major expansion in Asia Pacific as the region has demonstrated huge demand for milk protein ingredients in the past years. The low cost and usage flexibility provided by milk protein concentrates is the major factor driving the demand for milk protein ingredients in the region.

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