In a development in the wind energy sector, the stage is set for a novel wind turbine generator simulator to go live. Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) members will receive the first look of this new product developed by Maersk Training at an event scheduled for this week.

The event which is planned at Maersk Training’s Porlethen facility will include practical demonstrations by instructors. The demonstration will be a part of the training program for individuals working in the renewable sector prior to getting started on wind turbine generator.

Training to be Insightful for AREG Members for Developments in Renewable Sector

As stated by an AREG associate, the opportunity will help AREG members to receive insights about innovative training that is being developed for the renewable sector. However, the renewable sector projects that are underway in the Northeast of Scotland need to include safety and training mandates which are of paramount importance for both individuals and companies.

In the present scenario, rescue operations from an onshore as well as offshore wind turbine is complicated due to cramped spaces and height of the structure. With Maersk Training’s novel custom-built simulator, multiple models can be replicated that allows technicians to be trained for demanding and realistic conditions. The equipment may also be useful to bring about a difference during a rescue operation.

Aberdeen is the only location in Scotland which is capable of being organizing all five modules of Global Wind Organization and Basic Safety Training within a span of one week at one location. While the area of training has been too generic so far, the novel technology will allow a multitude of courses to serve the demand of customers.