Stan Robot at Your Rescue to Avoid Parking Hassle

Stan Robot at Your Rescue to Avoid Parking Hassle

A new robot made its debut on March 14 at an airport in France. Makers named the robot – Stan. The makers of the robot and airport authorities claim to reduce the hassle and stress of parking the vehicle at the airport. Airport Technology quoted COO at Stanley Robotics the robots will autonomously detect the car. It will slide under it, lift it by wheels, and shift it at the proper place. Stan will be present at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport in France from this month onwards. There it was launched with an impressive robot valet show.

Several people travelling via air feel that finding a parking space is more difficult than other formalities at the airport. These formalities could include, luggage checking, boarding, documents clearance, and reaching the airport on time.

The Verge Reported Detailed Parking Process

People visiting the airport could require a parking space for their vehicle. These cars are parked in specific hangars. Stan scans these cars, slides a base below the car, lift it up to a height from the ground. Consequently, the robot carries the car ahead and after a surrounding scan, parks it at an appropriate space. The Verge reports the parking process.

Romain Dillet said in TechCrunch that Stan makes your car ready and accessible before your plane touches the ground. The company has designed huge spacious and bright boxes to park the vehicles. The bot will intelligently do its work to park the car. Therefore, one just has to care about their luggage while leaving for further boarding processes.

This robot is mainly based on Artificial Intelligence where it works on sensors and other electronic gadgets integrated to analyze the surroundings.

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