A pouch is a container used for carrying goods or products. A stand up pouch is one that has an ability to stand on its own. The base on which it stands is called a ‘bottom guzzet (in a stand up pouch)’. Stand up pouches are the most popular and widely used form of flexible packaging. Stand up pouches come with market friendly features, such as zipper reclosure, tear notches, hang-hole features, and attractive billboards for label and graphics. They are mostly used in the food and beverages industry.

Major growth drivers for the stand up pouches market include: reduced cost of shipping and storage of products, aesthetically pleasant appearance resulting into better branding, and wide acceptability among consumers due to their lightweight and easy to handle features. In addition, these pouches are more cost effective as compared to glass or pet bottles, offer flexibility to print as per custom design, and ensure a better shelf visibility, thereby driving their market growth further. Surge in the number of end user industries of stand-up pouches has also been responsible for their increasing demand across the globe.

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Stand up pouches can be classified on the basis of material used, which include plastic, aluminum foil, kraft paper foil, or a combination of these. Secondly, the stand up pouches market is also segmented on the basis of shape into: round bottom, K seal, and corner sealed. Other pouch styles include: 3 side seal pouches, box pouches, and tap and gland fitment. Meanwhile, pouch closure options include spouts and fitments, press to close zippers, sliders, hooded sliders, etc