A start-up Like No Other: Zapata Computing to Develop Quantum Computing Software

A start-up Like No Other: Zapata Computing to Develop Quantum Computing Software

Zapata Computing launched itself as a startup the motto of selling and creating software for quantum computers and have been lucky enough to have already received 5.4 million dollars from MIT is the engine Venture form and several others. The theme of Zapata has said that there has been so much focus on quantum computer development but all the focus has been directed to hardware. However this team add Zapata has said that they have decided to get serious about the software as well and one of its Founders who is from Harvard University is a leading quantum computer algorithm developer and since quantum computer software uses algorithms extensively, it will be extremely useful.

Has this technology still at its budding stage since different approaches are being used for creating quantum computers, a software written for a machine designed by IBM would not work on one designed by Microsoft and us, the team and Zapata has decided include the support of major Hardware makers. Zapata has already made an alliance with IBM and is expected to continue to make alliances with other Hardware developers very soon. By doing so Zapata would get a strong advantage.

The theme of Zapata is increasingly focusing on developing algorithms for quantum computers so as to work on some of the most complicated problems with her involved in chemistry including the calculation of ground energy state of a molecule are expected to expand their efforts to include a whole new range of applications. I bought from algorithms and software, Zapata also plans to provide customers Consulting Services on how to use quantum computer technology when this technology becomes viable commercially.

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