Sterilization Wrap Market to Become Worth US$ 40 Mn by 2026

Sterilization wrap are used for infection control purposes in several healthcare facilities. These wrap offer better resistance against various types of infections that offer protection for patients as well as caregivers. Moreover, there are different types of sterilization wrap available that differ in the degree of sterilization they provide. These products play a vital role in maintaining safety of patients and contribute to better patient outcomes. This aspect along with increasing awareness of the importance of sterilization across the globe is expected to drive the global sterilization wrap market. Various end users of sterilization wrap include healthcare facilities for example, hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgical centers. In addition, various healthcare manufacturers are continually upgrading their products with a view to offer increased protection against infections.

The make of sterilization wrap, their design, the material used, the anti-infectants applied and barrier against microorganisms have been enhanced thus offering a better infection fighting solution. Moreover, several players have integrated features such as anti-lint formation, flame resistance, water repellent properties and improved wear and tear resistance to their products for better sterilization, which is triggering the adoption of these products across the globe.

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The research report has included analysis on key players operating in the sterilization wrap market. Aspects such as company overview, key financials, product developments and innovations, product portfolio, strategies, expansion plans and geographical reach of the key players have been included in this fact based research report. The extensive research report thus offers a complete information package by profiling major players such as Dynarex Corporation, Cygnus Medical L.L.C., Robert Busse & Co., Inc., E.I Dupont De Numours and Company, Cardinal Health, Inc., and Halyard Health, Inc.

Transparency Market Research in its new research report on global sterilization wrap market has presented a global market snapshot for sterilization wrap. As per the analysis, the global sterilization wrap market is estimated to reach a significant market valuation and is projected to expand at a robust value CAGR of 5.5% throughout the period of assessment, 2017-2026.

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Few Highlights on Global Sterilization Wrap Market

The global sterilization wrap market is segmented on the basis of product type, end user, sales channel and region.

According to region, the market for sterilization wrap is expected to grow at a stellar rate in North America owing to increasing adoption of these products across growing healthcare facilities in the region. This growth is fuelled by strict government regulations against infections, increasing expenditure on healthcare infrastructure, increasing awareness of hygiene and growing investments on product development. The sterilization wrap market in North America is estimated to reach a market valuation a little over US$ 30 Mn by 2026 end and is projected to grow at a relatively high CAGR throughout the period of assessment.

In the product type category, the plastics and polymers segment is expected to dominate the global market with a high market value and high value CAGR during the said period. Paper and paperboard segment is also expected to largely contribute to the growth of the global market in the coming years.

In the end user category, hospitals have shown increasing inclination towards usage of sterilization wrap. Owing to a large number of patient pool in hospitals, it becomes imperative for the hospital management to adoption anti-infection solutions. Moreover, the use of sterilization wrap in clinics and ambulatory surgical centers has also been observed to increase. The ambulatory surgical centers segment in the end user category is expected to be the second largest with a significant market value. However, hospitals segment is the most attractive, and is being targeted by several sterilization wrap manufacturers.

With respect to sales channel, hospital pharmacies are expected to lead the global market. However, the online sales channel is also gaining steam with respect to distribution of sterilization wrap across the globe. The hospital pharmacies segment is expected to reach an estimate of above US$ 40 Mn by 2026 end and the online sales channel is projected to grow at a high CAGR of 5.7% throughout the period of forecast.

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